Sunday, May 3, 2009

My room's a mess

I'm just gonna start blogging about whatever I feel like, though I still might do reviews and will definitely keep updated on any stories I write! I did start another one, and I have just written even when I know it's really bad. So if this ever gets past first draft, I will have a LOT of re-writing to do!

So, on to my topic...

Right now my bedroom is a disaster area! I am getting new furniture, but it hasn't arrived yet, and my sister got my old dresser with mirror, so right now I am using the guest bedroom dresser (which was my sister's old one) for mine. Which is hard because I don't have a mirror in my room and I like to get ready in my room, not the bathroom or even another room. And I am going through all my stuff (with the hopes of getting rid of some stuff) and my floor, bed, and everything is just a mess! I think I have before pictures somewhere, but right now I want my room to be neat again before I post them!