Thursday, January 21, 2010

Harry Potter

I know tons of people who have a strong pro or con opinion on the Harry Potter book series, and a few who don't have an opinion either way. But I have now borrowed these books from my brother, and I LOVE them! The first two are not that well written, IMO, but the overall storyline is excellent. Her writing steadily improves in the third book, and the fourth one, which I just finished, is outstanding. I now look forward to continue the series, which my brother tells me are just amazing. I am so glad I was finally able to get to read these books I've heard so many things about!

Good story + Good writing = Excellent book

Friday, January 1, 2010

Story Progress

My goal was to finish my story by today, New Years, but that didn't happen. I am almost finished. I guess my new goal is to finish it ASAP, with the end of January being the very last date and my needing to have it finished writing, and typed by then. I think (and hope) I'll have it finished before then, though the ending is taking longer than I expected (hence it not being finished by today).

It will be as long as a young adult novel, but it is the first draft (it's the one I started in April, don't remember if I posted about that here or not. The first one I am still in research stage, that I started in January, and have just now in the last couple weeks looked at it again). I do not have a title. I may post the synopsis after it is complete. I will have to do other drafts if I want to get it published; my goal is to have it be a SUPER story before I even pursue that. But I think the story is good, and I think it is interesting enough to sell.